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Once you've finished your course, we appreciate that you'll need some help and along the way to turn your qualification into a successful career. Our Alumni programme offers a range of resources, support, job opportunities & discounts.

Membership of the programme is free forever and automatic from the day you qualify.

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Support - Advice Service

We'll teach you about a range of conditions which you'll encounter on a regular basis, but there will be lots more you've never even heard of. Our experienced tutors are on hand to offer you advice on tricky clients or conditions, CPD opportunities, marketing, accounting and even your tax return.

Resources - Everything you need

We pride ourselves in giving you all the tools required for the job. On graduation, you are given access to templates for client record cards, risk assessments, policies, simple accounting, marketing materials and more.

Job Opportunities - Earning potential and world class experience

Our graduates are in demand from employers, sports clubs & teams, event organisers and more. We arrange paid work with our partners exclusively for our graduates. We've done everything from 5k races to international strongman competitions, allowing our graduates to put their skills to use whilst earning or getting to handle elite athletes.

Discounts - Increasing your bottom line

We work hard to ensure running your business is as profitable as possible:

Graduate of the Month

Florrie Machin - June 2022

Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy


I have worked with horses for nearly 10 years. I spent some timein show jumping as a traveling groom, in Horse racing as a rider, and in eventing as a groom. I now work for an equine welfare charity and in the equine industry. I have met many riders and grooms who neglect their own bodies and accept those aches and pains. After suffering a complex open fracture to my leg I started my own rehab and without the help of an Osteopath, I truly believe I wouldn't have recovered as well as I did. Inspired by her knowledge I wanted to be able to make an impact on other people's well-being, so I signed up to do my level 3 & 4 sports massage qualifications with Sports Massage Academy.

How have you used your new qualification?

Since graduating from I have sent up my own business, Rebalance Therapy, where I have started to build up a solid client base of people wanting to gain more movement or reduce day-to-day pain. I also work one day a week at Performance Gym and Fitness in Lincoln. It's such a privilege to be able to make a difference whether it's my client's training in the gym or in their day-to-day life. In the meantime I have kept studying with the Sports Massage Academy, attending their IASTM, cupping, and Kinesiology taping courses allowing me to offer more options to my clients. I have also attended many events with the academy such as Equinox24, Arnold Sports Festival, and other Strongman events.

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What did you think of the Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy course you attended?

I believe the fact I have completed the majority of Sports massage academy courses shows how valuable they are. The tutors are second to none and go above and beyond my expectations for every course. They create a safe learning environment where you can ask anything at all and they will support you past completion of the course. My main concern after completing the course was being on my own with a pass certificate and setting up my own business not knowing where to start. However, their graduate support network have you covered from practical skills to business webinars to insurance advice.
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What would you say to anyone looking to train in Sports Massage Therapy?

Book it now!! If you have a passion for sports massage or helping people better their bodies, you will find no better academy to train with. The tutors have years of experience to help you along the way, and with this course, you will learn all the necessary skills to set up as a Sports Massage Therapist.

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